Fuck advertising

I probably shed a tear the first time I watched Art & Copy back in Advertising 101. I was an idiot. I know you know the feeling. Years of learning how to make things smart and make things pretty did not prepare you (or arguably over-prepared you) for a job where you mostly do neither. It doesn't take long to become disillusioned by the day-to-day. And the bubbly 21 year old who moved to new york city to "take risks" and "craft experiences" is now crushed beneath reams of dead sharpie sketches and torpedoed tv-spot dreams. In the real world, shit is ugly you little fuck!

I am not bitter. I still consider it such a privilege to be in the category of the kind of work where you are making something. There is still work out there that surprises me and makes me wish I had thought of that. Advertising is so much bigger than ads themselves. Yes, I am shamelessly part of that twinkly-eyed camp that believes advertising can and should take part in driving and creating culture. As well as being an entry point to discussing bigger, more important noncommercial ideas. If you couldn't tell already, I am an angry art director. Meaning I will kick down doors to fight for ideas I believe in, I will never shy away from the provocative and controversial, and I will always show up for the debate rather than cover my ears. I think that's what makes great work (otherwise, I'm doing everything wrong). I'll talk about all sorts of door-kicking, provocative debatables on this site. We deprived creatives deserve things to commiserate over.

TL;DR—Love advertising. Fuck advertising. Love advertising.